Welcome to my World of Sport

Welcome to my World of Sport

I have been planning to establish this website for quite a very long time. If truth be told, I have just been plain lazy. There are so many events that I wished to say, issues I needed to address from both a professional and personal point of view, share my life journeys, experiences, my career, countries I have been fortunate to visit, my hobbies and generally life changing moments to sporting moments.

Let me from the onset confess that I have been extremely fortunate and blessed in my career as a journalist. I have traveled the world and met people I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I could meet, let alone shake their hands. I have interviewed musicians, ordinary folk, politicians and sporting icons the world over.

I have had an audience with Pele, interviewed former FIFA President Sepp Blatter, Ronaldinho (even though I needed a Portuguese interpreter), Abedi Pele, George Weah, Jay Jay Okocha, Randy Crawford, Peter Tosh, Ray Phiri, former SA Deputy State President Kgalema Motlhanthe, Rita Marley, Jerome Champagne, Kaizer Motaung, Ruud Gullit to mention just a few.

Numerous people have encouraged me to write my biography. But for the moment, I have decided to launch this website and hopefully this journey will encourage me to start putting together the biography. I admit that I have been very lazy to get it off the ground. I have however mustered enough courage and strength to get it off the ground with a few chapters behind my back already. I realize that I no longer have excuses and the time was now or never.

But another reason I have been working tirelessly during the last couple of weeks to get this website up and running, has been the fact that I needed a platform where I could express myself without being told to tone down my views.

There were numerous times during my career as a writer, that I have felt like stopping altogether because of the amount of censorship that prevails in this industry, because previous newspapers, magazines and websites that I used to write for, were scared that my so-called sharpened pen would offend their partners!

But now, like the late Black Consciousness leader Steve Bantu Biko, I intend enjoying writing what I like and hope you will all join me on this incredible journey that I can only describe as magical.

I have received countless requests from aspiring journalists, asking me what they needed to do in order to succeed in journalism. I do not profess to have a successful formula, but will share my experiences on this site in the hope that people who read my humble beginnings will get inspired.

I will use this platform to share with you my dreams, my fears, my ambitions, how I cracked it, how I struggled, the people who mentored me and those that I looked up to including those that were downright mean to me. I will share it all in the hope that perhaps George Mahlaela or my son Ofentse will one day collate these writings and maybe turn them into a book if I have not been able to complete memoirs.

Welcome to TK’s World of Sport. Like I said, I look at Lebo Thinane, Xolelwa Majeke, Bareng Batho Kortjaas, Matshelane Mamabolo, Sizwe Mabena, David Kekana, Maxwell Ramaru, the late Mzimase Mgebisa to mention just a few, and deeply feel proud that I somehow played a small part in their formative years and development as journalists.

I will regularly write my blog that will hopefully stir debate, sometimes rub certain people up the wrong way. I will break fresh news on this site as well as exclusive stories, features and one-on-one interviews with the people who hit the headlines in our wonderful sporting world.

At the right time, I will also reveal how I broke the Abdul Bhamjee story, how I busted Jeff Butler, how a series of my investigative articles led to the establishment of the Pickard Commission of Enquiry, living in fear in the land of my birth and going underground in Durban using an assumed name.

This site will also be inter-active and you are free to ask me anything and I promise to respond, hopefully in a manner that will enrich our lives and careers particularly for those aspiring to be journalists.

The world today is about communication and let’s also touch base on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But above all, welcome to my world of sport and I invite you to come along this magic ride.

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Comments (2)

  • Yusuf Kajee Reply

    Hi TK. Great stuff and best wishes.
    A friend of mine Reggie Reddiar was a sports journalist at The Rand Daily Mail. He disappeared in the apartheid era. Do you perhaps know what happened to him?
    I thank you
    Yusuf Kajee

    May 16, 2020 at 2:52 pm
    • Thomas Kwenaite Reply

      I’m so sorry Yusuf, I joined the Rand Daily Mail during 1984 and was sent to an Advanced Course in Journalism at Wits. at the completion of the course, I returned but within a month, we received reports that the Mail would be closing down. I was also operating fromn the Pretoria office and did not know most of the staff members at the Johannesburg office. I will ask some of the senior sport journaliusts at the time to find out if they know anything.


      July 13, 2020 at 8:15 pm

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