Bring your children to Eleven Stars Football club

Bring your children to Eleven Stars Football club

By Andile Dladla & Mandla Dladla

Jabulani Ngubane is the founder and head coach of Eleven Stars Football Club with dreams and ambitions to see the heightened development of African football.

Based in Univille Phumula Mqashi, his primary focus is on young boys and girls with the express purpose of nurturing them to become professional players one day.

“It breaks my heart when I realize that our kids are mainly focused on abusing substances these days and it’s a sad reality which we have to tackle head on as coaches and parents,” said Ngubane.

“We then made it our mission to identify talented from kids in the community and in the year 2005 assembled many kids in and around Hillbrow and decided to form Eleven Stars Football Club, it has been a blessing to me because the children love this beautiful game.

As a developing team, it is very important for us to pay special attention to each and every child because not all of them will make it as footballers but others will be coaches and administrators so it’s crucial to know why we do what we do.

“At an early age its where everything you do towards the development of the player is important, so having the right equipment for training is always a necessity.

“When you are a coach at this stage it’s not easy because some are not employed and coming from disadvantaged backgrounds and having the right tools is not easy.

“We are grateful for the fact that we registered the team as an NPO so that we are able to fundraise and go out to look for sponsorship.

“As a team we make sure that we save what we have by using things wisely, like the sponsorship we managed to secure five years ago from the National Lottery Commission.”

However, at times the team is assisted by their members both girls and boys who each contribute as little as R5 towards the needs of the club.

“We would like to appeal to all our community leaders to not just drive past the grounds when children are training but just come in and encourage or leave a ball or two because the team is not mine alone but it’s for everyone in the community.”

Coming all the way from the rural area of Msinga in KwaZulu-Natal, Ngubane grew up playing football and realized that his calling was much bigger than just being a player but had to go beyond and instead produce them.

It has been fulfilling for the top coach to see some of his players going on to play for bigger clubs and grow.

“I would like to encourage all parents to bring their children to Eleven Stars Football Club as we have under 11, 13 and 15 boys and girls so that they can be active and enjoy playing sports”

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