Kick embarrassing PSL DC into touch

Kick embarrassing PSL DC into touch

I have watched the unfolding drama within the DStv Premiership relegation/promotion saga with keen interest but quite frankly, I am not the least impressed by the seemingly inertia on the part of the authorities and I’m wondering out loud what exactly are they waiting for before taking out the big whip to lash their errant members.

Royal AM have defied the authorities with impunity not once, but twice by failing to honor official fixtures. It could be that the club feel justified in engaging in their Defiance campaign, but that is neither here or there because in my view, they have brought the league into disrepute and disciplinary action should have already been taken against them, period!

It goes without saying that DC Chairman Nande Becker should have called them to answer for their transgressions the very next day they failed to honor the Chippa United promotion fixture. But it appears as if the DC has somehow been rendered dysfunctional, if their inability to act is anything to go by.

The entire world watched in sheer horror, not amusement mind you, but in shock and embarrassment as Royal AM arrived at the match venue in Durban, then a few minutes before kickoff, raised the middle finger and drove out of the venue seemingly dancing in glee and satisfaction about their escapade.

But despite the fragrant breaking of the rules, the Nande Becker led DC appears to be cowering and shivering under the June winter days somewhere in their little corner and perhaps hoping and praying that if they bury their heads in the sand deep enough and pretend this has not happened, the problem will disappear or resolve itself.

Are they incapable of administering sentence or simply too scared to take decisive action against Royal AM or there is a deeper reason for their paralysis? I was under the impression that they do have strict rules and regulations that govern the PSL in their manual handbook to deal with misbehavior of this kind.

It is this kind of indecisiveness that will ultimately lead to chaos as everyone will openly defy the league, because if Royal AM can do it, it goes without saying that they would reason that they could also cock a snoot at authorities and get away with it as well.

This cannot and should not be allowed to happen. Yet it is not the first time that the DC has gone into hibernation while transgressions piled up in their inbox tray and they only woke up from their siesta with a game or two left before the season ended.

The PSL had promised, remind me if it was three or four years ago, but they promised that they would beef up their DC committee by employing additional prosecutors, which in my senile state of mind, they still have not yet done and it has come back to haunt and bite them.

Tragically, this has not just resulted in red faces to members of the public but to the PSL sponsors and their broadcast partners who have lost enormous amounts of money booking equipment, security, staff, satellite feeds, travelling costs, accommodation the whole shebang!

The solution is simple, unless the DC committee develops balls of steel, then the PSL should not hesitate to kick the proverbial ball the DC had dropped, into touch!

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