There is no excuse for boozing duo

There is no excuse for boozing duo

It is quite amazing how some people try to justify the unjustifiable.I mean, how does one explain the reaction of people who accuse the media of irresponsibility for daring to report that Patrick Mbuthu and Jabu Mahlangu absconded from the club to go on a drinking binge?

It amazes me that people fail to realize that the two boys let their own club, their boss, supporters, families and technical staff down by allowing their social life to interfere with their professional careers and instead want to point fingers at the media.

It serves no purpose to try and duck the point that the two players have a serious problem. Now that it is public knowledge, it will perhaps be better if those close enough around them could ensure they get professional help to overcome it.

The time has come to stop burying our heads in the sand ostrich- style with the mistaken belief that when we raise our heads, the problem would have disappeared.

We seem to thrive on looking the other way when confronted by difficulties, instead of facing whatever challenge we encounter head-on. I have a teenage son and a young daughter – and I will not tell them that children are dropped into a chimney by a stork.

Nor will I plead ignorance to them about the causes of HIV/AIDS or shy away from discussing condoms, sex and the facts of life. I will try as best I can to discuss the issues as sensibly with them and advise them where I could and let them deal with it.

But to shift the blame from Mbuthu and Mahlangu’s drinking problem and try to justify their actions by blaming the media for bringing shame to the Kaizer Chiefs name for merely publishing the story in the first place, will not make the problem disappear.

Mbuthu and Mahlangu are no longer teenagers, but adults doing a man’s job and earning a man’s salary. As such, they need to stop behaving like boys and start acting like responsible public figures and role models.

Chiefs paid the two boys substantial amounts in signing-on-fees, then increased their salaries as a gesture to acknowledge that they appreciated the work the two are giving the club. If this is the kind of repayment to club boss Kaizer Motaung, then heaven help us.

In extending their contracts and paying them substantial amounts, all the club wanted was for the duo to help achieve its objectives of winning the league championship.

There are rumours that the two boys are hanging around with the wrong crowd. We grow up with certain friends and that does not mean when we achieve fame, we have to abandon those friends and instead embrace new ‘buddies’.

One has to know your true friends, those who can advise you when the need arises and stand by you in times of trouble. Not the kind of friends who enjoy your company simply because you are a famous soccer star and can provide them with free booze.

There are psychologists available and within the club, Kaizer Motaung, Stanley Tshabalala, Terror Sephooa, Dr Phil Maepa and Pule Ntsoelengoe, to mention just a few, are available to offer help.

I’m sure at no extra charge.


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