Show no mercy Boks – just moer hulle

Show no mercy Boks – just moer hulle

Dear Rassie Erasmus

I wish to take this opportunity not to wish you luck on Saturday, but urge you to pommel the Pommies in the rugby World Cup final in that faraway land of the rising sun. I know some people may frown and pass nasty remarks claiming I’m displaying unsporting tendencies.

I just don’t give a damn because as far as I am concerned, there is no “may the best team win” for me where the Pommies are concerned, from as far back as 1966 when they won the FIFA World Cup in that controversial fashion, we’ve never heard the last of their triumph.

Those like us, who cast doubts about Geoff Hurst’s “goal” that rebounded and Wolfgang Weber headed it clear, but the confused Swiss referee, after consulting his linesman (they are called assistant referees these days) awarded the goal, we have been verbally tortured about that victory.

I have listened in silent torture, as they lectured us in their typically stiff upper lip demeanor, about how they invented the game and they would henceforth teach us how to play the beautiful game, of course the British way!

Little wonder, when Doctor Khumalo nutmegged one of them, nay it was actually Mbulelo Mabizela, they claimed he was not a gentleman; was uncultured; did not understand how to play the game and basically undermined and disrespected them.

We listened in silent agony as they lectured us, in their stiff upper lip demeanor, how it was time that they became World champions as they had invented the game and were going to teach the world how to play football, the British way.

It does not matter that they have never won the Jules Rimet trophy since that controversial victory at Wembley, yet they still consider themselves the best football playing nation in the world even though Germany has since gone on to win a couple more World Cups.

When Sudanese-born Mo Farah, now a British subject, won the Olympic 5000 and 10 000m gold medals in England during 2012, the British tabloids ran out of ink, regaling us about one of their own and how we must all converge to London to learn how to run the middle- distance event.

Somehow, I wonder why they did not shout on top of the rooftops or climbed on top of the Eiffel Tower to remind us that they were the FIFA U-17 and U-20 football World Champions, which nobody would have begrudged them had they done as they deservedly won those events.

But Lewis Hamilton is the Mercedes Benz five times Formula One winner. They also won the Cricket World Cup as well as the Rugby World Cup during 2003. Now imagine if they defeat the Springboks on Saturday?

I congratulate them for winning all these events I’ve mentioned above, but please Rassie, to hell with sportsmanship as I’m begging you and the Springboks, not to allow yourselves to be over-run because I fear we shall never hear the last of it.

Just go out there and show them Pommies that back home in Mzansi, you eat plenty of pap and so, good luck Bokke!

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