The smart money for a betting man is on Brazil

The smart money for a betting man is on Brazil

I have always received requests from countless soccer pundits to provide them with betting tips regarding the outcome of football matches played across the globe and while I have always obliged, I guess it is time I provided this services on a larger scale.

I have been involved in football for over 40-years, covered first domestic football from the time of the now defunct National Professional Soccer League which morphed into the National Soccer League and now currently the Premiership.

I have also been fortunate to have covered the African Nations Cup tournament since 1994 until 2019 save for one or two editions, FIFA Confederation Cup as well as the FIFA World Cup and so yeah, I guess I have been around the block and back again.

It has also come to my attention that whilst I dispensed tips to friends regarding the outcome of countless matches, I have also realized that my predictions have been fairly accurate or perhaps I should say I’ve had a 95% success rate in terms of my predictions.

Maybe I should not blow my trumpet too much but with football betting growing at such a phenomenal rate over the years, I’ve taken it upon myself to try my luck at predicting the scores and who knows, I could make myself a tidy sum if my tips have been anything to go by.

This week the biggest match on a global scale would be the Olympic football final between South American giants Brazil against European giants Spain and although both teams have won this tournament before, the smart money is on the Brazilians to snatch gold.

Agreed, Spain with their dependable defender Pau Torres and goalkeeper Unai Simon have done exceptionally well and most feeling they could snatch a second gold since Barcelona ’92, but theirs would be a long walk to freedom!

Marco Asenso came into the tournament following a quiet season by his standards with Real Madrid although one must admit that he contrived a moment of magic with that sensational curler for the winner against Japan which was simply priceless.

But the “Boys from Brazil” have been in a class of their own and ably led by skipper Dani Alves. And who can forget their 4-2 destruction of formidable Germany during the group stages with Everton’s 24-year old Richarlison in red-hot form.
So, after all has bene said and done, put your money on Brazil to comfortably walk past the Spanish and fellow South Americans Mexico would be chili-hot for hosts Japan in the bronze medal match on Friday evening!

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