SA should increase number of PSL teams

SA should increase number of PSL teams



I thought perhaps old age had caught up with me, that I had become senile and my eyesight had become blurry as I watch the pathetic fare dished out on a daily basis by so-called “international” coaches in the South African Premier League.

Even former national coach Shakes Mashaba came short of calling some of the coaches in the PSL nothing more than mercenaries. I have quite frankly been disappointed by a lot of the coaches that get shuffled like a deck of cards in the PSL and have nothing more to offer in the local league.

There was a time when 13 of the 16 PSL teams were coached by local coaches and I got the distinct impression that a spark had been ignited in the local game. But sadly, towards the end of the season, that earlier spark had lost the spark was distinguished towards the end of the season and Pitso Mosimane remained the last man standing.

But I honestly do not want to dwell too much about the technical abilities of some of the coaches earning their living in the PSL, lest I be labelled xenophobic. However, I remain adamant that some of the coaches employed in the PSL are an embarrassment to the game.

I actually wanted to open the debate about the number of teams in the PSL. I will from the onset stress that having 16 teams does not seem to have added value to the local game and like Shakes Mashaba, I am also of the view that we need to revert back to an 18-team league.

There are a lot of people that feel we should actually consider establishing a 20-team league. I say this because even when you take a look at some of the teams in the National First Division, their standard and the quality is so impressive that they will not be a disgrace to the elite division.

But sadly there are those doomsayers who claim a 20-team league will lower the standard of the game. I totally disagree and when I consider that the last time that South Africa qualified for the FIFA World Cup was in 2002, perhaps it is time to reconsider increasing the number of teams in the elite division to enable the national coach to have a wider pool of players to choose from.

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