Justice delayed is justice denied to Mosimane

Justice delayed is justice denied to Mosimane

I have an issue with the PSL prosecutor. Nothing personal mind you, just that I am concerned about the period it takes him to hand down judgement on cases of misconduct either by club officials or football supporters.

This week he found Mamelodi Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane guilty of “Violent Conduct” during a match against AmaZulu. I do not want to get into the merits of the case because I was not there when Mosimane is alleged to have assaulted a security official.

My concern is that this is not a case that happened last week, neither did it happen last month, but the alleged incident apparently occurred during September last year! Seven months after the incident, it is only then that the PSL Prosecutors have managed to assemble enough evidence to charge Mosimane.

Mind you, I’m not in any way implying that Mosimane should not be charged. Please do not get me wrong. If he has broken the law then he must face the music as no one is above the law. I am just wondering if our prosecution team lacks so much man-power or expertise that it took them seven months to finalize a single case!

This is just not good enough for an organization that we shout on top of mountains on a daily basis that they are the most commercially successful on the continent. I’m afraid the Prosecuting team is taking their eyes off the ball and removing the shine from the PSL.

I still recall that when a section of Orlando Pirates supporters, unable to stomach the humiliation of a 6-0 hiding they were receiving at the hands of the same Sundowns at Loftus, the dithering Prosecution team deliberated and dilly-dallied for 18-months, before they could reach a verdict about the perpetrators of that shameful act.

Let me point out that the incident was not something that the Prosecutors were told about. It was broadcast live to millions of households across the country and how the PSL Prosecutors needed 18-months to gather evidence when it was staring them in the eyes, surely takes the cake.

We raise concern because during Zola Majavu’s tenure as PSL Prosecutor, offenders were hauled before the Disciplinary Committee at least 48 hours after they had committed what he considered a misdemeanour. Why is it taking 18-months to finalize a case in this present regime?

It might well be that the current Prosecutor ascribe to the saying that the arm of the law is very long. And maybe he has a practice elsewhere and moonlights as the PSL Prosecutor after hours, maybe that is why cases gathers dust on his inbox tray before he could find time to handle them.

Perhaps he is a slow worker who gets warmed up like an old jalopy only after six months and we should bear with him. But if that is the case, the PSL should consider either strengthening the Prosecuting team with additional man-power or firing him outright.

The danger posed by delaying in taking decisive action is that now that there are only six matches remaining to wrap up the league championship, there are conspiracy theorists who are claiming that some powerful forces are at play to deny Mosimane the opportunity to retain the ABSA Championship.

Maybe the PSL Prosecutor has a plausible reason why it has taken him seven months to compile charges against Mosimane like it took him 18 months to charge vandals that trashed Loftus, but it certainly does not augur well for the organization that he represents.

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