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Picture:Bhekikhaya Mabaso

I hate to sound negative. I even hate sounding racist for that matter. But I confess to get hot under the collar when European clubs impose their condescending attitude towards African federations and treat the continent like we are backward and to a large degree still need the European to take us out of the jungle.

The hypocrisy of some, the operative word is some Europeans is astounding. Last week, Schalke 04 was held to a 3-3 draw in the Bundesliga by Frankfurt. The game could have gone either way and as an objective observer, I was quite impressed about the attacking flair displayed by both teams and I felt the result was a fair reflection of the game.

But according to Ghanaian media, Schalke boss Jens Keller has blamed their draw squarely on the shoulders of the Ghanaian Football Association for, wait for it….fielding Kevin Prince Boateng during their crucial and decisive FIFA World Cup qualifier against Egypt which Ghana lost 2-1.

I just couldn’t believe the audacity of Keller to blame Ghana when all they did was to ensure that they qualified for the greatest show on earth. Boateng scored the solitary goal which gave Ghana a 7-3 aggregate triumph but, blaming Ghana for their draw was such a flimsy excuse that it really exposed Keller for who he is.

Little wonder Boateng has failed to honor national call-ups since 2010 and it does not need a rocket scientist to put his finger on what exactly has been preventing Boateng from playing for his native Ghana. It is now crystal clear that Keller has been putting undue pressure on the Ghanaian not to honor the call-up from those “natives” in Ghana.

It was a FIFA sanctioned week for Chris sake! In terms of the rules, Ghana were within their rights to call and even field him. How would he feel if Arsenal prevented Mesut Ozil from honoring a German call-up for a crucial World Cup qualifier and they end up losing the match and failing to qualify for the World Cup?

“Ghana should not have fielded the player,” ranted Keller. “He was suffering from a slight left knee injury!” Ghana have qualified medical doctors within their country and they subjected the player to a thorough scan and examination and in the end, satisfied themselves that he was fit to play and thus recommended to the technical team Boateng could play.

I get irritated and sick in the stomach by the condescending attitude of the Europeans who behave as if we still publicly wear loincloths complete with a spear and shield and swing from tree to tree aka their mythical Tarzan world where some of them still believe we dodge lions and elephants on our way to work!

It sickens me that the likes of Keller undermines our intelligence with their unfortunate comments as if we know nothing better nor can we do nothing that would make sense in the world of the white master instead of treating us with respect because then, we would reciprocate that respect.

“He (Boateng) is not satisfied, we are not. He spent two weeks on the road. I do not know what they did there,” the 43-year-old manager Horst Heldt said. “The trip has certainly done him no good.” Just listen to the reckless arrogance and the sheer cheek of the man!

I mean really? How is it possible that he did not know what Boateng and Ghana were doing during the two week FIFA sanctioned period prior to their deciding match against Egypt? Did he bother to ask the Ghanaians or the man is just plain and simply ignorant?

If he is trying to intimidate the Ghanaians in an attempt to stop them from serving a call-up to the player, I hope Ghana FA President Kwesi Nyantakyi and coach Kwesi Appiah go ahead and serve Schalke with more call-ups whenever they need the player and to hell with the likes of Keller, as long as they follow the right channels.

And if Keller gives them an attitude again, they must report him to FIFA.

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