I still cannot, for the life of me, understand how the Confederation of African Football (CAF) allowed and reached an agreement or rather, accepted the decision that they would from henceforth, be managed and administered by FIFA because they are finding it increasingly difficult to run CAF after ousting grandpa Issa Hayatou.

Firstly, did FIFA step in out of their own violation and decided that like the FBI usually do in American flicks, “they are taking over” in terms of running CAF or did the African confederation, tail between their legs and with cap in hand, approach FIFA, confessed and begged bwana that running their organization was beyond their capabilities?

I ask this question because CAF President Ahmad Ahmad claimed recently that it was a unanimous decision taken by the CAF executive committee to approach FIFA to help run the organization, while a member of the executive, legendary Leodegar Tenga, poured cold water over Ahmad’s version of events and claimed this was far from the truth.

Is Ahmad lying that it was a unanimous decision or telling the truth and except for rebellious Musa Bility and to a degree, feisty Isha Johansen, the rest of the CAF executive committee are simply scared of Ahmad and never question his decisions except at hotel corridors where they voice their displeasure and disagreements with him.

Is it true that Ahmad usually declares the floor open and table motions which his executive sheepishly nod accent to and hardly ever debate matters with him but the minute they exit the conference room, they accuse him of being an autocrat and a bully, without telling him straight in his face?

And nothing has brought as much shame to the continental game than the debacle around the 2019 African Champions League final, in which Wydad Casablanca walked off the field when their “goal” was disallowed. The referee rightfully awarded the match to Esperance. But somehow the CAF executive committee overturned their own regulations, threw their own referee under the bus and ordered a replay of that match. It is alleged that the entire CAF executive committee supports this decision!

The silence of the lambs (those in the executive committee that usually do not want to rock the boat) in this matter is disconcerting. Let those members of the executive committee that totally disagree with the decision to replay the match stand up and voice their disagreement or forever hold their peace and simply squirm in silence.

We know that Ahmad Ahmad is facing an enquiry from French authorities who dramatically called him, mind you not “arrested him,” but called him in for questioning a fortnight ago, regarding an alleged dodgy deal he signed with a Steel manufacturing company to supply CAF with football equipment.

In addition, Ahmad is alleged to be facing charges of sexual harassment as well as an enquiry by FIFA into allegations of misappropriation of funds but, were there no capable men and women available to run the organization within the continent instead of running to bwana to come and lead Africa out of bondage?

I suppose it is fate accomplished that Madame Fatma Samoura will take over the running of CAF. But the question is – has she been given carte blanche powers to run the organization or, as we have been made to believe, she will “run the CAF in conjunction with Ahmad Ahmad?” in consultation with the executive committee?

It is rather confusing!

How exactly do they hope to accomplish this? Will Ahmad Ahmad still be in charge but “would consult Madame Samoura” before taking any decision or it would be Madame Samoura calling the shots and reporting directly to FIFA President Gianni Infantino or reporting to the CAF executive?

Can someone please enlighten me as to why Ahmad approached FIFA to take over the running of CAF in the first place and not discuss his dilemma or inability to run the organization with his own executive and find out if his deputies could take over while he stepped aside until the investigation against him as been completed?

I hope these are not loaded questions but, could it be that perhaps Ahmad has no confidence at all in his own executive committee and hence the decision to go to FIFA rather than entrust the running of CAF to his fellow executive members?

I am swimming in a pool of confusion by all these double speak and need someone to break it down to me in simple terms and not confuse me further in trying to explain it to me.


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