Trouble in CAF paradise as senior official resigns

Trouble in CAF paradise as senior official resigns

The sudden resignation of a senior Confederation of African Football (CAF) official from the continental body has sharply brought into focus the division within the organization led by beleaguered Ahmad Ahmad.

Musa Bility, President of both the Emergency and CHAN Standing Committees resigned in a huff on Saturday morning revealing irreconcilable differences, the existence of a cabal within CAF, suspected corruption, money laundering and accuses Ahmad of running CAF like a dictator.

“After almost two years in this administration,” writes Bility, “I can no longer summon the courage to work in these posts at the whims and caprices of the President who I believe is heading this noble organization in the wrong direction.

“As an executive committee member, I find it totally unacceptable that if I disagree with the President or any of his “close associates” on certain issues, he would take that against me and decide whether or not I function in my official capacities.”

The final straw appears to be Ahmad’s decision to schedule a CHAN Committee meeting without any prior consultation or discussion with Bility even though the latter is the President of the CHAN Standing Committee.

“I had two options. Either remained as a figure head President of CHAN/Emergency Committee while the President ran everything as he wished or take the moral high ground of stepping down and let Ahmad Ahmad carry on as he is doing right now with every committee within CAF.

Another option would have been to stay on and fight every day and be branded a “Rebel.” I have bene unfairly suspended before. I have suffered irreparable reputational damage. I have struggled enough and suffered numerous bashing and character assassination in my quest for fairness in football.

“It has cost me more than I can bear any longer. I have been accused of being without “Integrity” by those who brought football to its knees at both CAF and FIFA.

“It may still cost me more today or tomorrow or the day after as the vestiges of yester-year remain imbedded into the global system of football waiting to strike anyone who played a meaningful role in tearing down their walls of power, money and glory.”

Bility tears into Ahmad’s style of leadership and certainly does not pull any punches as he also questions the decision of the CAF President to transferring US$200 000 into an unknown account in Europe.

“The money was designated to the Liberian Football Association while I was serving as its President,” claims Bility. “But interestingly CAF sent the money to a firm in Poland, a firm that deals with artifacts.

“CAF claims it received the instructions from the Liberia FA to send the funds to this firm. Of course, this is false and misleading. Can CAF send money intended for an MA to a third-party beneficiary?

“In the wake of tight international restrictions on financial transactions aimed at combating terrorism and money laundering, were requirements such as invoice and contract that would clearly state the purpose for which the funds were sent, presented to the CAF before it authorized these transactions?”

It will be interesting to watch how Ahmad wiggles himself out of these damning accusations.

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