Mshishi leads Bafana against Namibia and Zambia

Mshishi leads Bafana against Namibia and Zambia

The unending wrangles within Namibia football administration could scupper the country’s upcoming friendly game against South Africa scheduled for the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Windhoek on October 8.

In addition, unless the Namibian federation and its professional wing find common ground, the country could find itself expelled from the world controlling body FIFA.

SA coach Molefi Ntseki announced a 25-man squad to play against both Namibia and Zambia in Rustenburg five days later, but the situation in Namibia seems to be worsening by the day with FIFA sending a veiled threat to Windhoek of possible sanctions due to alleged government intervention.

FIFA is uncomfortable with the formation of a Committee of Eminent Persons (CEP) established by the government sanctioned Namibia Sports Council at the instigation of the Minister of Sport Agnes Tjongarero in an attempt to resolve the impasse within domestic football.

“While encouraging the collaboration of its member associations with their local state authorities in the collective interest of football,” writes FIFA’s Chief Member Association Officer Veron Mosengo-Omba to the Namibian Football Association (NFA) with deep concern.

“FIFA must also recall that all member associations must be able to organize and carry out their football related activities in accordance with the requirements of their statutory/regulatory framework and in full autonomy, failing which they would lose all or part of their rights as members of FIFA.”

The CEP is mandated to recommend to the Minister of sport a lasting solution emanating from the NFA’s hard line stance in threatening to expel its professional wing and accusing the Namibian Premier League of insubordination for advocating to be independent of the federation.

It is hoped that all the factions within Namibia could resolve their differences and for the sake of the country’s football allow good sense to prevail and let the game that has been suspended for close on two years now, to get off the ground.

The SA national coach has in the meantime announced a squad of 25 players for the two friendlies with several veterans left out of the equation, a clear sign that coach Molefi Ntseki is embarking on rebuilding the team he inherited from departed Stuart Baxter.

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