Man loses wife after putting bet in football match

Man loses wife after putting bet in football match

Football betting has become the craze these days and it has become even more popular now that spectators have been barred from attending live matches and can only watch from the comfort of their homes in an attempt to curb the spread of the Corona virus.

But a seasoned Ghanaian sport journalist based in the city of Kumasi where Asante Kotoko hold sway, has been in the news lately after placing a bet that Accra Hearts of Oak would never win the Ghanaian League championship.

In his bet with fellow colleagues, Gariba Raubil, a sport presenter on Fox FM put a bet that should Hearts of Oak (who has struggled in recent years to impose their authority in the Ghanaian league) that should they win the championship he would sweep the compound of the Secretariat for a week!

And such is the unpredictable nature of football that incredibly Hearts of Oak did what he did not expect them to do by convincingly winning the championship with four points and in addition, also won the MTN Cup for a remarkable double and he thus lost his bet.

But showing true sportsmanship spirit, Raubil stuck to his promise and was seen on a daily basis covered in dust as kept sweeping the compound of the Secretariat starting from Monday August 16 and completed his task on Monday August 23.

But this is kindergarten stuff compared to what happened in Tanzania recently when two men put bets on the traditional derby between Young Africans (Yanga) against Simba. After putting up their money on who they believed would win, took their bet a wee bit further.

Perhaps to spice up the bet, they added a clause onto the wager which specified that the winner would get to spend the night with the loser’s spouse and a contract to this effect was even signed!

The Secretary General of Simba confirmed the bizarre bet and as it turned out, Simba won the match 2-1 in terms of the agreement, the Yanga supporter had to honour the agreement by giving up his wife to the winner for a night!

When the impact of what he had done finally hit home and he had to honour the deal, the loser was slightly hesitant and a conflict was averted when negotiations were successfully conducted to enable the loser to compensate the winner financially!

In South Africa, football betting outlets have mushroomed phenomenally over the last couple of weeks and one has to choose among several depending on whether you want to predict the result of a full match, half-time score, which team would earn a yellow or red card, which player would be sent off etc.

There are various permutations that are available and one can focus on the domestic league or international football, particularly the English Premier League which is so popular among punters.

Betting houses officially allow for people to put on bets predicting the scores and this week in particular, one is given the opportunity to test his or her football knowledge by predicting the outcome of countless FIFA World Cup qualifiers that get underway on Friday right through to the 10th September.

There is no need to wager on your wife or girlfriend but a simple bet costing as little as R10 could indicate whether you are an expert or still need to polish your knowledge and skill regarding your tipping abilities!

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