Follow fitness fanatic Zanele and stay healthy

Follow fitness fanatic Zanele and stay healthy

By Andile Dladla and Mandla Dladla

The importance of staying fit these days in the wake of this Covid-19 pandemic that has forced people to work and stay indoors is not just a preserve of athletes but a prerogative of everyone.

Zanele Mncube can be best described as a fitness fanatic and has been engaged in fitness training for the past six years and reveals that she has never felt better since she started this fitness regime, both physically and mentally.

“I am particularly motivated as a woman to see that now things have changed especially when it comes to motherhood and taking care of our bodies especially after having a child,” says Mncube.

“Fitness training has contributed to more women joining a rigorous course not just to get fit but to live a healthy lifestyle.

“I have been able to overcome a lot through fitness training whilst challenging and seeing what this machine I call my body can do and endure.”

Mncube says it gives one a life with less problems and better decision making which helps her focus more on herself by improving her life every day.

“When we do boot camps it’s to introduce fitness to the community and it is the best way to bring everyone together. The benefits of such programmes is that people get to know each other better and workout as one.

“It is also a better way of socializing than hanging around and consuming large quantities of alcohol.

Eating healthy is equally important for everyone and especially food from the ground as it helps combat diseases like cancer and mental illness. Not eating your greens increases your chance of easily getting sick.

It is very hard to start when one has reached old age because you then need specialists who deal with elderly people but swimming, aerobics and walking is highly recommended for the elderly.

People should start by visiting the doctor so that they know more about what their bodies need as well as being aware of their physical shape which is good for them.

“We need to look at our lifestyles and family history to see what we can do better health wise to abolish bad eating habits.

At first it was just the passion driving Zanele until it got to a point where she even had to quit her job and focus on health fitness and she has never looked back.

“When you train people for free they don’t take you as serious as they would when they pay for the service and so it had to be structured as a business.”

Paid sessions are taken serious and it helps the industry grow because as a trainer you are also able to employ more people and it simply means you have more people living a healthy lifestyle.

You can follow Zanele Za_fit Mncube on Instagram to get more on her fitness programs.

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