You just cannot go wrong with the Oranje Army

You just cannot go wrong with the Oranje Army

Few teams have come as close as to snatching the pot of gold at the end of the World Cup rainbow like the Netherlands, so much so that it must be painfully embarrassing to admit that they are football’s version of the South African Proteas.

Yes, the Netherlands are your proverbial chokers, especially when you consider that they invented what is today recognized as “Total Football” during that famous 1974 World Cup with legendary Johan Cruyff as the fulcrum of their uninhibited attack.

But despite their dominance while pummeling opponents all the way to the final, they failed to cross the Rubicon and painfully went down 2-1 to then then West Germany.

They were at it again four years later in Buenos Aires, annihilating opponents but once again choked at the last hurdle, losing in the final to Argentina. And as recently as the 2010 Mundial in South Africa, they once more went down to Spain in the final.

But the “Orange Army” is convinced that this time around the Netherlands are capable of securing the elusive “Holy Grail” of global football across the sand dunes of the oil rich United Arab Emirates.

As they prepare to line up against their nemesis – Argentina – the Netherlands would be gunning to wipe off the painful memory of that 1978 loss in the final and if you are betting person, put your money of them to prevail.

Experts might be tipping Argentina with Leo Messi, Angel de Maria, Nico Gonzalez, Pablo Dyabala and Leandro Peredes to mention just a few, but this is the end of the road for the Albicelestes.

Put your money on Cody Gakpo, Memphis Depay, Noa Lang and Frankie de Jong, ably led by dependable skipper Virgil Van Dijk, to finally exorcise the ghost of 1978 when they face their old-time South American rivals.

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