Katsande’s numbers cloned to scam people

Katsande’s numbers cloned to scam people

Kaizer Chiefs Football Manager and Corporate Communications Manager warned me to be careful about the person that contacted me pretending to be their star midfielder Willard Katsande as they suspected a scam.

A whatsup call woke me up on Wednesday morning and initially I thought it was Willard Katsande as I had saved his number on my mobile phone. But when I answered the call dropped.

Unsuspectingly, I returned the call but on both occasions, the calls were dropped before the caller could answer. Then I received whatsup messages from the same number, pleading with me to answer the phone urgently as he needed my help.

“Do you perhaps know anyone here at the Vereeniging Police Station?


“I’m arrested!”

To which I responded: “Good morning. What happened?”


“Please help me. Please help before the media gets to know about this.”

“Call this Captain Hlophi,” he/she bombarded me with whatsup messages.

I sensed a scam and immediately called Corporate Communications Manager Vina Maphosa. When he did not respond I called Bobby Motaung. But then Maphosa responded and after a brief explanation, he confirmed it was a scam and requested all details about my conversation with the scammer.

Motaung also responded and once again I briefed him and he also confirmed that it was a scam and I should tread carefully.

I then called the 0785155598 number and it was dropped instantly. I called again and the same thing happened. I sent a whatsup indicating that I needed to ask him/her one or two things and implored him to answer. The response was:


“they took my phone”

“Use my watch for whatsup”

To which I responded that I was old fashioned and I needed him/her to explain how to use a watch for whatsup.

Response: “Leave me.”
“Sorry to have bother you”

“Ok, then give me Captain Hlophi’s numbers,” I urged him/her.

“I’ll be ok.

“Sorry to disturb you.

But you suggested that I should speak to Captain Hlophi, how do I speak to him if I don’t have his numbers?

“I’ll get help somewhere sir.

OK, I responded.


“Will go to court tomorrow.”

I have this exchange on my mobile and wish to urge all family, friends and acquaintances of Katsande to be very careful of people calling them on his 078 number which has been cloned.

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