Spinning cars can be an outlet for pent-up frustrations

Spinning cars can be an outlet for pent-up frustrations

By Andile Dladla & Mandla Dladla

Many people in South Africa consider spinning a car as a dangerous sport but with the dangers associated with the sport, many loyal fans and drivers alike will tell you that it’s what makes you fall in love with it even more.

On the 20th of March 2022 Lenasia South Civic Centre hosted a spinning competition with hundreds of fans from across the country and surrounding areas in attendance.

Fans were treated to some adrenalin inducing moments where drivers and stunt men and women showed off some amazing skills and the crowd enjoyed every moment of the tyres burning on the tarmac and smoke swirling around the area by extremely skilful drivers behind the wheels.

Event director Samir Ebrahim shared with us more about what the event was all about and why there are more people who get attracted to the sport.

“We started the event almost four years ago at the Lenasia South Civic Centre to get the community together and have a fun day just to create an outlet for people who cannot go out to relax,” said Ebrahim.

“The majority of people in the community loved spinning and enjoyed it as a sport so that is when we decided to improvise and make it safer for them. We still need to do quite a lot more with the place but we’ve put up a perimeter fence for people to be safer.”

There event attracted spinners from Benoni, Lenasia and Lenasia South, Alberton as well as Mozambique who all came with the express purpose of coming to have fun and enjoy themselves.”

There’s a different feeling once you get behind that wheel says Ebrahim and the adrenalin rush that hits you is better that any drug so that’s why people go for spinning cars than drugs.

“You really enjoy it in the car because there’s styles to do with your car and you have the freedom to get out whatever frustrations you have inside of you but in a good manner.

“Spinning offers people an outlet to vent out their frustrations and generally brings out the goodness in people while eliminating their aggressiveness. We hope it can also help kids to refrain from anti-social behaviour or involvement in drug abuse but instead focus on building cars.”

A lot of spinning clubs are mushrooming all over the place, according to Ebrahim. He disclosed that there are the Lenz Spinners, South Spinners and what pleases him more is the fact that a few sponsors have come on board to bankroll their events which is fantastic for the growth of the sport.

“We are however looking for more sponsors to partner with us as we intend to stage spinning activities at least once or twice a month where people come and enjoy,” he added.

Melusi Thabethe is a stunt man who gets to sit next to the driver in the car and his job is to entertain the crowds and when his driver jumps out then he takes over and controls the car.

“The kind of stunts that we do are dangerous and I am not a person of joy rides but when I do my stunts then that’s when I feel that this is my joy ride plus you only live once so when I see people happy then it makes me happy too.”

The event attracts a lot of families and one of the fans told us why he and his partner love watching cars spin. He cautions people that spinning should not be confused with the “Fast and the Furious.” Movie franchise that stars Van Diesel among others.

“Spinning is not about speed but the power you put down immediately to the ground and you can see a lot of people love watching. It’s more of a spectator sport than drag racing and more people can enjoy because it lasts for a couple of minutes and when you hear the big pop (that’s when the tyres pop).

“It’s a culture thing and that acrid smell of burning brings with it a different kind of sensation you cannot associate with anything else.”

It was a good event for a Sunday to just relax with family and enjoy cars spinning.

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