By walternyamilanduThomas Kwenaite

Walter Nyamilandu swept the boards and won a fourth four year term during the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Presidential elections held in Blantyre on Saturday.


There were fears earlier in the day that the elections might not take place after some disgruntled candidates were granted an injunction by a civil court to suspend the elections.


However, FIFA who were represented by the Southern and Eastern African Development Officer Ashford Mamelodi from Botswana, fought successfully to have the injunction over-turned and the elections proceeded late on Saturday night.


Nyamilandu garnered at least 27 of the 36 votes, literally obliterating Willy Yabangwa and Wilkins Mjiga his opponents who conceded defeat and hopefully both will throw their weight behind Nyamilandu and together work towards developing football in the warm heart of Africa.


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