Is SA & Zambia embarrassed to display star?

Is SA & Zambia embarrassed to display star?

South Africa and Zambia are either embarrassed or not exactly proud to have won the African Nations Cup tournament during 1996 and 2012 in South Africa and Gabon respectively.

How else, does one explain the reason why they do not feel the inclination to insert the gold star on their jerseys indicating their proud achievements when they defeated Tunisia and Ivory Coast respectively?

Yet the red jersey of Egypt is emblazoned with seven shining gold stars on their right-hand side of their jerseys, brightly and proudly displaying the number of times they have been successful in African’s Premier national tournament.

One would imagine that Nigeria have never won the tournament because their green and white camouflaged jersey hardly display any sign that they have won the Pan-African tournament an impressive three times.

However, the green, yellow and red jersey of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon is proudly dotted with the four stars, clearly indicating the number of times they have won the tournament.

The same applies to the Black Stars of Ghana who have won the tournament an impressive four times and they are not shy to display that number of stars on their outfit.

Perhaps Zambia, South Africa and even Nigeria are scared or embarrassed by the fact that they won the tournament and do not want the world to know that they have ascended the podium to collect the coveted trophy.

Please let me know what you think or why are other nations proud to display the star on their jersey while others proudly display them on their jersey?

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